Meet The Board & Committee



Every position in the SJS Organization is a service position. Each member donates their time and efforts to help our community and those we serve.  No one in our Organization receives a paycheck or monetary compensation for their position.

Board of Directors:

Shantell Stone, President

Hello, my name is Shantell Stone; I am the Founder/President of Shannon J Scholarship, Inc., more importantly I am Shannon J’s little sister.  Like most people, I have had to witness this disease destroy the lives of many people that I love and care about.  When Shannon J reached out for help I made him a promise that I would do everything in my power to get him the help that he so desperately needed and wanted. There is an overwhelming need for help due to the epidemic that is sweeping our communities.  Sadly, Shannon J was put on a waiting list and died before a bed became available.  I had a choice, be angry and bitter or be a part of the solution.  With the love, dedication and support from many individuals I have been able to fulfill my promise to my brother.  One of my favorite quotes is “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.  I challenge each of you to use your voice, stand up for others and help bring positive change to your community.  Thank you for your continued and unwavering support, YOU make SJS possible.  “My promise remains”- Little Sister


Sarah Tomney, Vice-President

Hello, My name is Sarah Tomney. I have been a part of the SJS Board for 3 years now. I am currently Vice President and Treasurer;  prior to the Office I currently hold I served as Secretary.   What SJS does means a lot to me because I was personally lost in Addiction and Alcoholism for 15 years.  I have been in recovery for 5 years.  I know how desperate and alone you can feel when you finally reach out to someone for help.  By being a part of SJS I can be there for that person reaching out. I continue to be amazed by the miracles I have been able to witness  in the lives of each of the Scholarship Recipients we have been able to help.


Veronica Harding, Secretary 

Hi my name is Veronica H. I have been with SJS from the very beginning. The first year I volunteered, second year I joined the committee, and now I currently sit on the Board of Directors as the Secretary. Shannon J means a lot to me, not only because Shannon was my cousin and we grew up closely together, but I have watched and experienced addiction my whole life. This disease affects so many people and to be just a small part of the fight is epic.  This organization is amazing with amazing people and fills the emptiness I felt in my heart.


Madelaine Tesori, Director

My name is Madelaine Tesori. I am proud and privileged to be a board member with Shannon J. Scholarship. I have been a part of this amazing and selfless organization for about two years now. My passion and goal in life is to change the way this country deals with addiction. I am currently a student at Weber State University with a dream that my education will lead to position of advocacy for those who suffer from this horrible disease. I have personally lost loved ones to this disease, and have witnessed others suffering through the pain of the loss of their loved ones. These are LIVES not statistics! These are our brothers, sisters, friends, uncles, and mothers that are desperately pleading for someone to help them. At SJS we see the desperate need for what we do…we usually always have a waiting list because the need is greater than the finances we are able to bring in. There is a negative stigma directly related to addiction, which is a huge part of the battle. SJS works hard to change the stigma from within our own communities. I will never stop fighting to bring forth change! Nothing ever changes, until change cannot be stopped! Compassion NOT Crime is my message of hope. SJS saves lives and I am lucky to be a part of it!

Josh Richman, Director

Hi my name is Joshua Richman I’ve been clean and sober since August-06-2014. SJS helped pay for my treatment and sober living. I love helping others and giving back. I joined SJS so I can help fight back and raise awareness. Being apart of SJS is a blessing in my life today. The fight is real and I understand. For I once was in the dark caverns of addiction. Today I shine in the brightness of the world. God bless.

Terry Smith, Director

My name is Terry and I am a recovering alcoholic/addict. I have been sober/clean since August 14, 1989. I only tell you this so you know that recovery is possible if you work for it.
For me, service work is very important; it helps the community around us and helps me to stay sober/clean. I have been with SJS since the beginning. I had just completed a service position with a different Organization and told myself I needed a break.  Not long after that, Shantell ask me to join the Board of Directors and I knew I couldn’t say no. I love what I do and if I/we can just help one person out, that will make a BIG difference in their life, to their family and friends lives as well. Knowing that a life has been changed, puts a smile on my face.
May God Bless you all!!

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Jill Fleming, Director

I’m Jill; I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Shannon J Scholarship. I have witnessed friends and families succumb to this disease. I am a part of SJS because I want to help raise awareness and educate society about addiction and its residual effects it has on all involved. I want to set the example for my daughter to have compassion for others and a passion to serve others in the community that we live in.


Starla Ward, Director

Hi, my name is Starla Ward. I have been with S.J.S. since it was first established. What an amazing ride it has been. I have 3 amazing children and 4 grand children. I have personally watched loved ones battle this horrible disease, and have lost loved ones as well. I’m currently enrolled at Weber State University to get a Masters as an Addiction Councilor. I am very compassionate and passionate about helping others overcome their battle. Remember your dreams and take it one day at a time. Together we can achieve our dreams.


TBA, Director


Fundraiser Committee:

The Fundraiser Committee play a huge part in making SJS possible. Their generosity, dedication and willingness to donate their time and talents to assist in the fundraising efforts, if greatly appreciated! 


Current Committee Members:

Amberly Hansen, Paul Wiley,  Joni Donahoe, Sierra Magill, Lorel Palmer, Billy Farnes, Tyler Larsen, Sandy Flores

I choose to be a part of SJS because I have been given the gift of sobriety. To keep it you have to give it away. I want to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic/addict and be a part of the solution instead of the problem. I am extremely passionate about service and am grateful for the opportunity to give back.”- Amberly Hansen 

“I was in a local treatment facility, I didn’t have the money to pay for my treatment. SJS stepped up and paid two weeks for me. They showed me love, when I couldn’t love myself. It is an honor to give back”- Paul Wiley

“SJS helped save my life! Thanks to the funding I received for treatment I now have 2+ years clean and sober. I love my life today; I am able to be the mom that my children deserve. It is an honor to be on the Committee and help others find recovery.” – Seirra Magill

“I wanted to be apart of something that gives back to people who have been where I have been. I have seen the stuff that SJS has done and it is amazing to be apart of it” -Lorel Palmer

“I love being on the SJS Committee. It is a wonderful fundraiser for a beautiful Cause. Helping others, helps me! Plus it is really fun!” -Joni Donahoe

“I have lost friends and family members to addiction that did not have resources for treatment. I heard how SJS was helping people and thought it was amazing. I am very honored to be apart of it.” -Billy Farnes

“Hi, my name is Sandy Flores and I’ve been clean since December 27, 2008. For 16 years I put my family through hell. They had a front row seat to my addiction. They watched in horror as I slowly killed myself. I took away their enjoyable moments and left them with nightmares, anxieties, sleepless nights and tears. I joined SJS to give back to my community. Helping those still suffering from addiction find the tools they need to get clean and sober, so they can be around to make memories with the people they love. Saturday 12/27/2008 was one of the hardest and greatest days of my life. I want others to experience the joy of being free from addiction. -Sandy Flores

“I decided to surrender on January 17, 2012 and change my life for the better. I went to a wonderful place in the mountains called Valley Camp. While up at this place I learned the necessary tools to stay clean from all mind altering substances. While up at Camp, I saw guys who couldn’t pay for their stay at Camp and that’s where I witnessed a great Organization called SJS step in and help the Residents pay for their rent. I am very excited to be on the Committee and start helping this Organization help the still suffering Alcoholic and Addict get help for treatment.” -Tyler Larsen