What is the Shannon J Scholarship Program? The Shannon J Scholarship (SJS) was set up to assist people seeking help with their drug/alcohol addictions, but do not have the financial capabilities. The SJS is not in any way affiliated with any Programs and or Rehabilitation Centers. The SJS is its own non-profit entity.  The Scholarship is available to apply for, if you are unable to financially afford costs/fees associated with Substance Abuse Treatment, Clean and Sober living Programs & Individual/ Group Counseling.

Where does the Scholarship funding come from?  The Scholarship funding is raised through fundraisers and private donation.

Who can benefit from the Scholarship? The SJS is available to Utah residents.  Men and Women ages 18 and older, who are seeking help with their addictions.

How Do I apply For the Scholarship?  You can apply and submit your application online. Applications are available by calling or emailing SJS.  Upon request and completion of the Application you may need to provide information regarding your financial situation.

How much funding can I apply for? This will be determined on a case by case basis depending on your financial situation.

Do I have to pay the money back? No, you are not required to refund the money you receive from the SJS. However, if you choose to make a donation, this will help insure that this Scholarship will continue to be available for others.

How does the application process works: 

  • Complete and submit the SJS Application
  • Once SJS receives your application, you will be required to do two separate phone interviews with an SJS Board Member (Typically these interviews will be with the President and the Vice-President)
  • Once you have completed the two phone interviews, your application will be reviewed by the whole Board of Directors.